Review: Farzi (Season 1)

After catching up with The Night Manager, I took up to watching another show that was on my list. Farzi gets many things right, and this post is going to be just me raving about it.

In a bid to save his uncle’s printing press that stands for righteousness and revolution, Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) teams up with his best friend to choose a path opposite of those values. He finds an outlet for his underappreciated artistic skills in designing the perfect counterfeit note, unrecognizable by the government’s new software.

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Review: The Night Manager (India) Part 1

Bollywood gives some blockbuster hits every year, but it is OTT shows that have been pushing the boundaries of storytelling in India for the last few years.

Naturally, the Night Manager excited me, amongst many others. A cast with top actors gave me hope, because it meant the show had a huge budget, and perhaps some of it went to the director, the writers, cinematographers, and others who adapted the novel by John le Carré.

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