Take this page with a pinch of (black) salt (plus turmeric)…

Bright day, cool air, and no masks — all that is required to live a happy life.

Jas in a Multiverse where Covid-19, unpredictable rain, and seasons 5 to 8 of Game of Thrones don’t exist.

Jas lives in Mumbai, breathes its smoke-filled air, and talks to its rapidly disappearing flamingos.

Passionate about stories in written and visual form, this blog is an attempt to share his written work and review others works that he enjoyed.

He began his writing journey with short-stories as a coping mechanism to anxiety. Now, for like the last 4 years, he’s been working on a crime fiction novel.

If you can’t bake bread, order readymade cake

– Jas, when his third attempt at baking Banana Bread failed.

Apart from writing, Jas is currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA).

He’s passionate about a lot of causes, but refrains from listing them out here (‘show, don’t tell’ right?).

This part of my life… this little part… is called ‘(anything but) happiness’

– Jas, after someone reads this page but doesn’t subscribe to his newsletter.